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We were awarded a grant from Northern Powergrid's Community Energy Seed Fund to run a project in the Lidget Green and Scholemoor areas of Bradford in 2016. The project takes a community approach to saving on energy bills, focusing on a small geographical area and engaging with residents via local community groups.

We are now half way through the project and our approach is working well. We have engaged with families with young children through a drop-in session at Lidget Green Children's Centre and by having a stand at Lidget Green Primary School's Finance Fair. We have also reached older residents by giving talks at the seniors lunch group at St Wilfrids Community Hall and at the Anand Milan Centre.

We are also taking referrals for home visits and to date we have:

  • helped 10 people change their energy company, saving over £3,000 per year
  • helped 3 households apply to have a water meter fitted, saving over £1,000 per year
  • made 3 applications for the Warm Home Discount scheme, bringing in £140 to each of these households. A further 7 families will be eligible next winter when the schemes re-open
  • had £440 of debt cleared on a gas and electricity account
  • helped one family who were only heating 2 rooms in their house get a free central heating system installed
  • referred 2 households to get smoke alarms installed and 4 for free draught proofing

The project will continue to run until November. If you run a community group in Lidget Green or Scholemoor and would like us to come and do a talk then please get in touch with Kate on 07738 818391 or email