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Earlier this year Barlby was chosen as the second of our energy saving communities in the Selby District. This meant that Barlby residents joined those in Cridling Stubbs in being able to get free advice on anything to do with energy bills and heating their homes.

Barlby Library

We have so far done an energy audit of Barlby Library and Community Hub to look at ways that this building can become more energy efficient and reduce its energy costs, whilst still being a warm and welcoming environment for users.

Energy survey for residents

When you received your latest parish newsletter you may have noted a bright coral coloured insert in the middle - this asks a number of short questions about your home and your household's energy use (it is very straightforward, you don't need copies of your energy bills or anything). We would very much appreciate it if you could complete this survey so we can build up a picture of energy use in Barlby.

You can either:

*        fill out the paper copy and put it into the red post box inside Barlby Library and Community Hub. Open: Tues (2pm - 7pm), Wed (2pm - 5pm), Fri (2pm - 5pm), Sat (10am -12) OR

*        post it back to: 10 Danes Court, Riccall, YO19 6NP OR

*        complete it online:


Win an energy monitor!

Everyone who completes the survey and provides their contact details will be entered into a draw to win an energy monitor - this will show you exactly how much electricity your house is using at any one point in time.

Home energy visits

By completing the survey you can also apply for a free home energy visit where we can give you independent advice on all aspects of saving energy in the home.

Supported by:

This project has been funded by Northern Powergrid's Community Energy Seed Fund.