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We would like to say a big thank you to Northern Gas Networks for awarding us a grant through their Community Promises Fund for a second year running.

This will enable us to deliver 15 free training courses to staff and volunteers from frontline organisations in North Yorkshire. The aim is to raise awareness of the risks of carbon monoxide and to develop key actions that individual organisations can take to keep their clients safe and well at home.



The training sessions will last around 45-60 minutes and we will deliver them in-house, ideally at a regular team meeting. They will cover:

  •   What is carbon monoxide?
  •   What produces it?
  •   Who is at risk?
  •   What are the signs and symptoms?
  •   How can we mitigate the risks?
  •   What can your organisation do to help raise awareness?

You will also have the option of adding some free energy awareness training onto these sessions to give a recap of what schemes are available to help vulnerable residents with their energy costs during the winter.

To organise a session please contact Kate: 01757 249100 or email