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This is the 7th consecutive year where we have joined other organisations from across England and Wales to form the Big Energy Saving Network, offering advice on energy bills to vulnerable households.

Usually this includes running an awareness campaign out and about in the community but, this year, as with so many other things, we are having to do things differently.

As part of Big Energy Saving Winter (November-January), we will be supporting local people to follow three simple steps to prepare for the winter ahead.

  • Check to see if they are eligible for discounts, grants and support
  • Switch their tariff or energy supplier to get the best deal
  • Save money by becoming more energy efficient

We will be holding virtual outreach sessions to reach local communities, raising awareness amongst our partner organisations and calling on energy super savers, who have made savings to their own bills, to help their relatives, friends and neighbours to check, switch and save on their energy bills. 

We know that it has been a tough year for many households, with loss of income and increased time at home putting extra pressure on energy costs. As we go into a second lockdown, we know there will be families out there concerned about how they will keep warm this winter.

Please make the most of the support we can offer - we can help around switching energy supplier, making sure people are getting any extra grants and benefits they might be entitled to, looking at ways to make people’s homes more energy efficient.

For more information contact Kate: kate@yorkshireenergydoctor.org.uk or call 07738 818391