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There are a number of options you could look into in terms of grants to help with your energy and bills or other essential household items.

1) Help with energy debts

Are you in debt with your energy supplier? Many of the big energy suppliers have trust funds that could offer a financial help towards the arrears, particularly if there were specific reasons why the debts built-up and if there is vulnerability in the household.

The main ones are with:

2) Help with water debts

If you are behind with your water bills and also have another priority debt (e.g. rent, Council Tax or energy) then you can apply to the Yorkshire Water Community Trust for help. The Resolve scheme may also be able to help if your arrears are over 12 months old.

See here for more information: https://www.yorkshirewater.com/billing-payments/help-paying-your-bill/

3) Support connected to your job

There are a number of funds associated with certain occupations that you may be eligible for. Turn 2 Us have an excellent grants finder that allows you to search for charities who help people who work in a range of different sectors, e.g. retail, horticulture, transport, agriculuture, entertainment, construction and many many more. These can help with a range of things such as essential household items, adaptations for a disability, or paying off a priority bill.

Visit https://grants-search.turn2us.org.uk/ to do a search based on your postcode, age and occupation. You can also search for charities that support individuals with specific health conditions

4) £140 towards your winter bills


If your household income is under £16,190 and there is young children, an elderly resident or someone with a disability in your household then you may be eligible to apply for £140 towards your winter bills. This is through the government's Warm Home Discount scheme. You can find out more information on our WHD FAQ page - click here


For further advice on any of these please contact Kate: kate@yorkshireenergydoctor.org.uk or call 07738 818391 / 01757 249100