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Live in Tadcaster or one of the surrounding villages? Never switched your energy supplier? Keep being told that you should switch but don't know where to start? Have an ongoing problem with your energy supplier?

We are currently able to support residents in Tadcaster with reducing their energy bills and saving on the costs of heating their home through the Tadcaster and Villages Community Engagement Forum.

How have we helped other residents in the area?

In our two most recent home visits we have saved £726 to two households, neither of whom have the internet or had changed energy supplier before:

The first lady in Church Fenton had been with Npower for many years and wanted to check whether she was paying more than she needed to. I visited her at home and did a price comparison. This showed that she could save £397 per year by switching to Sainsbury's Energy which we did during my visit.

The second gentleman in Tadcaster had a one year tariff with E.ON that was just coming to an end and his prices were going to increase significantly. Again, I took my ipad along to his home, did a comparison and found a tariff with White Rose Energy that would be £329 per year cheaper than the tariff offered by E.ON.

It is important to note that firstly there is no one energy company that is cheapest for everyone and secondly, tariffs change all the time so we can only help find the best option at the time of our visit.

What have other Tadcaster residents said?

We recently asked a Tadcaster couple how they found our service and they told us:

We hadn't made any changes from Yorkshire Electricity and British Gas but then went onto Utility Warehouse through a friend – the more utilities you get the better the deals but it seemed so expensive, paying apalling amounts. However, we're not computer literate which was a big issue and didn't want the hassle. 

We kept putting Kate off and thought we would have to do the change. Finally I couldn’t say no and could kick myself for waiting – it’s the best thing that has happened to us. We just sat and nodded – she dealt with it until it was all set-up, it was so painless. You need to get across that there are no cons. It is one of the best and easiest things to do - never would have believed it – even after seeing information on television.

For help or advice, or to refer someone living in Tadcaster or one of the surrounding villages, contact Kate on 01757 249100 or email kate@yorkshireenergydoctor.org.uk