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We would like to say a big thank you to North Yorkshire County Council for awarding us a grant through the Public Health Winter Health grant programme.

One of the hardest challenges about tackling fuel poverty is knowing who the people are who are at risk from cold homes. This new project will generate maps of vulnerability at the Lower-Super Output Area (LSOA) level across North Yorkshire.

We will be collating datasets on factors that potentially influence the ability to keep a home adequately heated and the vulnerability of residents to the cold. These include home energy efficiency, household income, health, and household demographics. We will then be using the data to produce interactive maps that identify LSOAs which have a high propensity of vulnerable residents.

This central depository of data maps will be made publicly available and will help organisations better target those residents most in need.

We wil be doing the mapping at LSOA area level as it is the smallest geographical mapping area that is available for most national statistics. LSOAs, on average, cover around 650 households and there are 373 LSOAs in North Yorkshire. 

Come back to this blog in the next few months to access our maps!