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We held a very successful drop-in at Barlby Commmunity Library on 21st February with non-stop talking about energy for three hours. It is always particularly encouraging to have someone already waiting before we had even set-up!

None of the people who came use the internet and most don't even have a computer which shows the difficulties faced in terms of knowing where to even start with finding a cheaper deal. We are able to overcome this barrier by doing prices comparisons there and then on an ipad and identifying possible alternatives for these residents.

It was interesting that the majority of people who brought their bills along to the Library were with Npower and had always been with Npower. It seems though that the recent price hikes have triggered interest in looking for a better deal.  Some examples of the savings made were:

  •     A gentleman who's direct debit had recently gone up and was wondering about this. We had a look and found that his fixed price tariff had ended a few months ago so we called  Sainsbury's and got him onto a new one, saving £218 in around 10 minutes.
  •    A switch from British Gas to Sainsbury's (as Sainsbury's are part of British Gas this pretty much involves staying with the same company) will save £90 
  •    A lady with coal-fired heating and extremely low electricity use still saved £55 by switching supplier, cutting her bill by 20%
  •    One couple are going to look at switching from Npower to E.ON which will save approx. £120
  •    Another gentleman didn't particularly want to change company but can save around  £145 just by changing their Npower tariff.
Most people who came didn't have mains gas but this just shows that even if we only look at electricity then it is still worth shopping around.
We will be looking forward to getting out and about to more villages in the Eastern CEF area over the rest of the year to identify more savings.