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The Index of Multiple Deprivation ranks every LSOA in England from 1 (being the most deprived) to 32,844 (the least deprived). It is the official measure of deprivation at LSOA and the most recent figures were published in 2015. Once scored in this way, the LSOAs are then categorised as being in the top 10% of most deprived areas nationally (=1), the top 20% (=2), top 30% (=3) etc.

What does this map show?

This map enables users to explore whether there is a link between deprivation and fuel poverty. The sliders on the right hand side can be used to filter the data. It is interesting to see that if you use these sliders to just look at LSOAs where more than 25% of households are in fuel poverty, none of these LSOAs are in the top 30% of most deprived areas in the county.