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Visitors to our website may have noticed a new feature on the home page - our energy savings accumulator!

Through all of our work we keep records of the support we have delivered to households and the savings that have been made. Our web expert Andrew at Reach Studios has now been able to create an accumulator that means we can input the savings generated from a visit or an event and it will keep a running total. Not only does it show exactly how much in total households have benefited financially, it also enables us to pull off figures for individual projects which can be used for reporting back to funders.

The figures captured include savings from actions such as:

- Switching energy supplier

- Applying for the Warm Home Discount

- Successful applications to get energy debts cleared

- Successful applications to Yorkshire Water's social tariffs

- Installations of water meters

The savings available just shows how many people are overpaying on their energy bills and what savings are possible. We hope that continuing to add to this will persuade more and more people that it really is worth shopping around for their energy supplier and making sure they're accessing all the support available to them.