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As part of this project we have been finding out why people aren't switching their supplier, what would encourage them to change and, if they have switched, how they found the process.


Why haven't you changed energy supplier?

 Don't know how to change 18.18% 
 Don't want the hassle  45.45%
 Don't know who to decide who to change to        9.09%
 Worried about the consequences  18.18%
 It won't save me any money  9.09%
 I trust who I am with now  36.36%
 Other  9.09%


It is interesting that nearly a half of people who responded to our survey only haven't changed because they don't want the hassle. This can give us a clear steer in terms of our promotional messages in that it shouldn't be a hassle and even just switching tariff with the same company can save money and that should be even more straightforward. Over one-quarter of people don't know how to change so again we can look to focus some of our messages around this.


What would encourage you to consider changing supplier?

 An independent professional doing it for me       44.12% 
 Receiving training on how to change   5.88%
 Online step-by-step guide   52.94%
 Email/telephone advice service   5.88%
 Other   14.71%


There is a clear division in these answers with over half wanting an online step-by-step guide and nearly half wanting someone to do it for them. We already offer the first service to lower income households but could clearly look at developing an online resource for people who could then look to do this themselves. This would be much less resource intense for our organisation and may make a real difference in giving more IT-confident residents the confidence to actually go ahead and switch.


For people who have changed supplier, we asked: How easy did you find it to switch energy supplier?

Very Easy   25.93% 
 Easy  55.56%
 Slightly difficult      14.81%
 Hard  3.70%


It is reassuring that over 80% of people who have switched supplier have found it easy.

These responses will all be used now to direct our promotional activities and direct the development of new services.