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These data maps bring together data on central heating types, households off the mains gas network and tenure of the property.

Central heating

For the first time the 2011 Census included a specific question around the type of central heating used to heat occupied household spaces. 66.8% of households in North Yorkshire have gas central heating which is less than the national average of 78.8%. The rural nature of the county means that significant areas are not connected to mains gas and instead rely on other more expensive heating fuels. 13.7% of homes have oil central heating compared to just 3.8% nationally.

 Central heating type    England      North Yorkshire   
 None  2.7%  3.0%
 Gas  78.8%  66.8%
 Electricity  8.3%  7.2%
 Oil  3.8%  13.7%
 Soild fuel  0.7%  2.5%
 Other  1.6%  1.0%
 2 or more systems  4.1%  5.9%
 Total number of households    22,063,368 256,594

Off mains gas

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy publish annual figures on the numbers of households not connected to mains gas at LSOA. The most recent figures published are for 2015.

In 2015, 58,854 households in North Yorkshire were not connected to mains gas (22.94%), this is in comparison to 8.8% in England and 4.6% in the Yorkshire and Humber region.


Statistics on tenure of a property were collected from the 2011 Census. We have concentrated on just the figures for owner occupied, private rented and housing association.

What do the maps show?

The first map enables users to have a look at the LSOAs where there are higher numbers of households without central heating and/or without a mains gas connection. The data can also be filtered according to tenure type and by local authority district.

The second map provides figures on the number of households without central heating by district and then provides more figures on the % of different types of heating systems within those districts.