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The BESN funding has again enabled us to provide energy saving training to 48 members of frontline staff. We have delivered 6 sessions to a range of organisations who all support vulnerable residents:

York Advocacy - helps people say what they want, secures their rights, represents their interests and obtains services they need

York Mind - works to empower individuals who are experiencing mental ill-health to start on the pathway to recovery

Refugee Council - provides practical advice and support to refugees and people seeking asylum

Selby Equality Network - partnership of over 20 organisations working in the Selby District who work together to tackle issues faced by different minority communities

North Yorkshire Horizons, Selby - delivers drug and alcohol recovery services for individuals and their families

Leeds DIAL - provides services to those with physical or sensory impairments, learning disabilities/difficulties, mental health issues or long-term conditions

What did attendees think about the training?

From the feedback we were pleased to see that knowledge of the topic amongst attendees rose from an average score of 2.73/5 before the training to 4.58 afterwards. The content of the session was scored at 4.74 out of 5.

39 of the 48 attendees reported that they felt confident to support their clients on this topic after the training whilst the other 9 said they would feel confident but needed some more support to do so.

Feedback comments:

The information on energy switching and the grants available was generally deemed the most useful parts of the training but we were really pleased to get such positive feedback overall:

"Well put together presentation, giving comprehensive info in 'bite sized' chunks"

"Kate made the subject very accessible and user-friendly. It was easy to ask questions and for clarification without feeling uncomfortable. It was very relaxed and informative. A very good way to learn"

"Excellent short course for advisors and clients alike"

"Enjoyed session, learnt more than I thought I would"

"Facilitated great by Kate and all questions answered, very good!!"

"This was an incredibly helpful session. Energy is a real issue for many people and our clients have added issues with their impairments. It is great to know that this service is available

"It was awesome - thank you"