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On the 29th April the second stage of the Tour de Yorkshire started in Tadcaster and people were out in force to celebrate and to see the cyclists off.

We were part of the 'Give it a Go' event which gave us a chance to talk to residents about our organisation but which presented us with a challenge to engage people in a more innovative way.

Thanks to V3Power we were able to hire their energy bike which is hooked up to a set of light bulbs and riders can feel how much of their energy it takes to power different types of lightbulbs.

Most people did not notice too much of a challenge when it came to lighting up the LED and CFL bulbs but really felt it when it came to an older style 100watt tungsten bulb.

It was a great way for adults and children to feel for themselves just how much more energy is needed to power tungsten light bulbs and thus how much more it will be costing them on their electricity bills. As one gentleman said - "we have all those types of bulbs, have been meaning to change them for ages and this has inspired to get home and do it now I can see what I'm using!"