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There are a number of factors that influence the cost of heating a home. Properties off the mains gas network typically have to rely upon more expensive forms of heating such as electricity, LPG, oil or solid fuel. North Yorkshire is a rural county so there are significant areas that are not connected to mains gas.

The wall type of a property also has an impact on warmth and heating costs. Properties built after the 1930s typically have cavity walls which are easy to insulate whereas older properties do not, their solid walls are much harder to insulate in a straightforward manner (and much more expensive to do so).

These factors all influence the energy efficiency rating of a property. In 2007 Energy Performance Certificates were introduced which meant that every time a house was sold or rented out in the UK it needed an EPC. These rate a house according to its energy efficiency, from A (the most energy efficient) to G (the least). They are designed to give new owners or tenants an idea of how expensive it will be to heat the home.

What does the map below show?

The map below can be used to find information on the LSOAs where there are particularly high numbers of properties with poor energy efficiency ratings (E, F or G) and high levels of fuel poverty. The map can also be interrogated to look at areas where there are high numbers of homes without a mains gas connection, which have solid walls or where there is no central heating.