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Over the last 3 years, the Ex Forces Support North Yorkshire project has supported over 1,000 older Veterans and their families and carers. The project has run day trips, friendship groups and activity sheds, delivered well-being visits and advice on staying warm over winter, befriending, support for carers, emergency grants, garden maintenance, Ghurkha support and sport activities.

We have delivered the home energy support visits and have been priviledged to meet 83 Veterans, to hear their stories and to offer advice in whatever way we could.

We have reviewed a lot of utility bills, helping to make savings of £14,560 by switching to a new energy supplier or tariff, getting a water meter fitted or renewing long-expired landline/broadband contracts. We have also made referrals to the Fire Service to get smoke alarms fitted, provided carbon monoxide alarms and mobility aids for the home, and referred on to a range of other partners.

From feedback received it is clear that utility bills can cause a lot of worry and anxiety and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to relieve some concerns around bills and costs.


Feedback received:

“It’s been very uplifting, it’s taken away a problem that’s been worrying me for ages”

“Taking the stress off me, I have so many jobs to do, everything is down to me so it’s nice to have someone else do something for me and to know it’s done right” (Carer)

“It has made everything make more sense, I couldn’t understand why they had put my money up so much. It has explained everything in an easy to understand way and made things clearer”

The changeover to my new supplier has gone through smoothly. There is a world of difference in approach between the two companies which is a relief”.

“Everything, can’t fault it, my energy bills have been bothering me for a while, particularly when I got the last letter about the prices going up”

“To me it was a complete mystery, I don’t do computers and it’s been a fantastic help. You’ve virtually done everything for me that needed to be done


So the project is ending but if you are a Veteran and would still like some advice and help with your energy bills then please get in touch, we are still able to offer this to you going forward. At the current time it will be over the phone but once lockdown is over then we will resume home visits.