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One of the hardest challenges around tackling fuel poverty is reaching the people that most need the help in the first place. Thanks to funding from North Yorkshire County Council's Winter Health grants programme we will be conducting a data mapping exercise to generate interactive maps of factors and characteristics that can potentially influence the propensity of residents to be at risk from fuel poverty or living in a cold home. We will map datasets on:

  • Fuel poverty
  • Indices of multiple deprivation
  • Long-term health problem or disability
  • Households with a resident over 65 years old
  • Benefits claimants
  • Households without central heating
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency of properties
  • Households without a mains gas connection
  • Properties with solid walls
  • Rural/urban classification of areas
  • Tenure of property

The datasets used will be at the lower-layer super output area (LSOA) level in North Yorkshire. LSOAs, on average, cover around 650 households and there are 373 LSOAs in North Yorkshire. This is the smallest geographical mapping area that is available for most national statistics.

The data maps will then be made available to any organisation working in North Yorkshire who may be looking to better target their activities.