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Between now and 2020 every household in the UK will be offered smart energy meters (you may have already seen the TV adverts urging you to 'Get Gaz and Leccy Under Control'?! We are very pleased to have received a grant from Smart Energy GB in Communities Fund to run a series of information workshops on smart meters in Selby District this winter. We will be working in partnership with Horton Housing to make sure local residents are fully informed about the potential benefits of having a smart meter fitted and how they work.




We will be running a series of workshops at Horton Housing's Community Cafes on the following dates:

-   Tadcaster (Calcaria House):      Thurs 6th Oct, 2pm
-   South Milford (Grove House):    Tues 11th Oct, 1.30pm
-   Hambleton Village Hall:             Tues 18th Oct, 10.30am
-   Cridling Stubbs Village Hall:       Tues 18th Oct, 1.30pm
-   Selby Coultish Centre:               Wed 19th Oct, 2pm
-   Eggborough Methodist Church:  Wed 26th Oct, 10am


Come along and find out the answers to questions such as:

-   What are smart meters?
-   How would smart meters benefit me?
-   How do I get a smart meter?


...and make the most of the opportunity to ask any questions you have about smart meters.

 For more information contact Kate on 01757 249100, 07738 818391 or email