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We are pleased to have now provided energy awareness training to over 90 members of staff from frontline organisations in North and West Yorkshire.

The training session we have developed equips staff with up-to-date knowledge and skills to be able to help vulnerable residents reduce their energy bills and keep warm over the winter.

Together these staff members estimated that the information they received would benefit over 1,100 vulnerable households. This training is therefore an excellent way of cascading information on all the schemes and ways that are available to help people better cope with the costs of heating their homes.



Topics covered:

-  Understanding energy bills and payment types
-  How to find and switch to a cheaper energy supplier
-  Financial support available to households to help with energy bills, including the Warm Home 
   Discount scheme and Energy Trust Funds
-  Energy efficiency schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation which offers replacement
   boilers and insulation
-  General energy saving tips

Who is this relevant to?

Frontline professional staff who work with and support vulnerable households, this may be people with a disability, families with very young children, the elderly or residents on a low income.

Comments from previous attendees

Very informative. I had some knowledge of the subject but lacked confidence. Now I
feel I can help my clients with this procedure. Excellent presentation, clear and uncomplicated”

“Very informative and interesting session, facilitator very good and professional. I have benefitted from this session and will pass all I have learned onto my clients"

“I have found today’s session very useful and it will help me to inform parents about their energy bills and how to claim the [warm] home discount”

"Very well delivered, confident and clear in knowledge base, will be very useful”

How to organise a session?

We can deliver this in your workplace at a cost of £30 per attendee (minimum 6 people). If you would like to organise a session for your staff and to discuss any specific requirements then please email Kate: