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Schemes are starting to re-open for residents to apply for a grant of £140 to help with winter energy bills. This is through the government's Warm Home Discount scheme.


Who is eligible?

You should get the payment automatically if you get the Guarantee element of Pension Credit. However, households may also be eligible if they receive a certain combination of means-tested benefits or if your household annual income is less than £16,190 and there is a child aged under 5, a resident with a disability or someone elderly at the property. The exact criteria vary according to the energy supplier.


How to apply for the payment?

You can either apply online or by calling your energy supplier – you need to check the eligibility criteria for your own supplier to see whether you qualify and you will need your electricity account number. If you need help with applying then we can help - call Kate on 07738 818391 or 01757 249100.

How is the payment made?

For customers with credit meters for gas and electricity (i.e. you pay when you get a bill or by monthly direct debit), the £140 will appear as a credit on your electricity bill. For customers with prepayment meters, you will be sent post office vouchers or a bar-coded letter – you can then take this to the post office and the £140 will be credited to your electricity card or key.

Is my energy supplier part of the scheme?

The following suppliers currently offer the Warm Home Discount:

Atlantic, Bristol Energy, British Gas, Co-operative Energy, E.ON, Ebico, Extra Energy, First Utility, GB Energy, Manweb, M&S Energy, Npower, Our Power, OVO, Sainsbury's, Scottish Power, SSE, Southern Electric, SWALEC, Utilita, Utility Warehouse

Help with applying

If you need further information or want help to apply for the Warm Home Discount then please call Kate on 07738 818391 or 01757 249100. Kate can go online whilst on the phone to you and complete the form on your behalf. It will take a maximum of 5 minutes as you do not need to provide any proof of income etc at this stage. You will however need to have your electricity account number to hand.