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I don't have central heating, are there any schemes that can help me with this?

E.ON are the only one of the big energy suppliers currently offering support towards first time central heating systems. You would need to have a mains gas connection and be in receipt of certain income-related benefits. It is unlikely to be fully funded and the contribution needed towards this will only be known following a full survey. Contact 0330 400 1183 or click here for more information.

Better Homes Yorkshire hope to be able to offer support towards first time central heating systems in the New Year (2018). They are taking names to go onto a waiting list for if and when funding is secured - 0113 834 6685.

Where can I go for help with a new boiler?

There aren't as many free boiler schemes as there were a few years ago and a household contribution is often required. The help that is still available stems from the government's Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. To be eligible you will need to 1) own the property or rent from a private landlord and 2) receive certain benefits - click here for the eligibility criteria. You can try any of the options below (last updated 12/12/17). If you need to know how efficient your boiler is you need to find the make and model and you can then put the details into this website.


YES Energy Solutions

YES Energy Solutions are based in Halifax and work with major energy companies to access funding to support energy efficiency installations. They are currently able to offer help towards oil and LPG boilers (when upgrading a broken or inefficient boiler), electric storage heaters and potentially first time central heating systems.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy will consider replacing a wall mounted gas boiler with an efficiency rating of 'C' or lower, which usually means that the boiler is less than 86% efficient (they do not cover back boilers or free standing boilers). You must be an EDF customer and all are subject to a survey. This will be free of charge for people who meet the eligibility criteria unless any extra work is required for pipework etc. You would be informed of these before any work starts. EDF do not cover oil or LPG boilers or night storage heaters or first time central heating systems. Phone 0800 404 9084 or click here for more information.

EON will also consider first time central heating systems if households have a gas connection but only have electric plug-in heaters or gas room heaters (i.e. no boiler and no radiators). For all of these measures there is likely to be a contribution needed but that amount will only be known following a survey of the property. Contact 0330 400 1083 or click here for more information.
E.ON also have some funding for like-for-like gas boiler replacements for households in receipt of a means-tested benefit and where the boiler is broken or has a fault (it does not go on boiler age). A minimum contribution of £250 towards the cost would be required (but the exact amount depends on the result of the survey). They also offer interest free finance for people who need a new boiler but who do not meet this other criteria. 

NPower will consider gas and oil boiler replacements for anyone if you meet the eligibility criteria and if the efficiency rating of the boiler is less than 86% and over 10 years old. The boiler needs to be firing up even if it is temperamental, it won't be considered if it is completely broken. You do not need to be an Npower customer. There is no help for LPG boilers or first time central heating systems. Call 0330 100 8123 or click here 
Npower also run a 'Heat Through Warmth' scheme which is targeted at people with long-term illnesses, who own their home, are on a low income with little or no savings, and who need help to pay for heating repairs, to install a heating system as they don't have one, or who need insulation fitting. See here for more info.
Like-for-like gas boiler replacements. First check is whether the boiler was installed before 2005 then their partners will check actual efficiency. Customer likely to need to make a 70-80% contribution to the cost. Don't need to be a SEE customer. Call 0345 078 3248 for more information.

Better Homes Yorkshire

This scheme does not currently have any funding for boilers or electric storage heaters, whether it be gas, oil or LPG. They do however have a loan scheme for replacement gas boilers. 0113 834 6685 or visit their website

British Gas are not currently offering any support through ECO but they do have a Trust Fund that could help households in need. To be considered you need 2 quotes from 2 Gas Safe engineers which state of the following about the boiler: a) it is over 10 years old b) it is inefficient (F or G-rated) c) it has been condemned or d) the parts are obsolete. Supporting statements or letters confirming the need will help. See here for more information.


You could also contact the Energy Saving Trust advice line on 0300 123 1234 as they can advise on what schemes are available in different areas.


Can I get a grant for new windows?

There have never really been any grants available for new windows, primarily because of the very high cost and the low level of energy savings that they generate. In the Selby District, the Home Improvement Agency offers an interest free loan of up to £4,000 for some home repairs which is secured against the property so it may be worth looking into this.

Can I get free loft and cavity wall insulation?

EDF - are currently offering free loft insulation (or top-up insulation if you have less than 100mm) and cavity wall insulation to all of their customers providing no extra work is required (e.g. scaffolding). You do NOT need to be in receipt of any benefits. You must be an EDF customer.

E.ON - offer free cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and room-in-roof insulation for anyone in receipt of certain income-related benefits. You do not have to be an E.ON customer.

Npower - cavity wall and loft insulation (if less than 100mm), you do not need to be an Npower customer and is available fully funded to everyone (you do not need to be in receipt of benefits)

SSE - loft and cavity wall insulation, you don't need to be an SSE customer or in receipt of benefits. A customer contribution will be required - the amount depends on the outcome of a survey and what other energy efficiency improvements are needed.

Better Homes Yorkshire - there is currently funding available in the Selby, Harrogate and Craven areas through this Council-endorsed scheme for loft, cavity wall, solid wall and room-in-roof insulation. Again a contribution may be required but this is determined on a household-specific basis. Phone 0113 350 9954 or visit www.betterhomesyorkshire.co.uk

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