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It is exciting to be able to announce a new project that will take us out and about to all of the villages in the Southern CEF area of the Selby District. The Southern CEF area is a particularly rural area with many small villages where public transport links are particularly poor. This makes it difficult for residents without a car to access some of the services and support that are available in other parts of the district.

Residents in the Southern CEF area also face particular challenges when it comes to heating their home and managing energy costs. Over one-third of properties are off the mains gas network, meaning that residents have to rely upon more expensive forms of heating. Furthermore, 18% of homes have solid walls which means that they cannot be insulated in a straightforward manner.

We will be working with Selby District Vision on this project which is particularly exciting. Together we will organise an event in each village which could be a talk to an existing group, a drop-in session or involve hosting a stand at a community event. Residents will then be able to come along to the event which will be almost on their doorstep and talk to us about reducing their energy costs and get a free vision screening check and advice on eye health and visual impairment from Emily at Selby District Vision. People will also be able to find out more about the work of the Southern Community Engagement Forum.

This project covers the following villages:

  • Balne
  • Beal
  • Burn
  • Camblesforth
  • Carlton
  • Chapel Haddlesey
  • Cridling Stubbs
  • Drax
  • Eggbrough
  • Gateforth
  • Heck
  • Hambleton
  • Hensall
  • Hirst Courtney
  • Kellington
  • Kirk Smeaton
  • Little Smeaton
  • Long Drax
  • Newland
  • Temple Hirst
  • Thorpe Willoughby
  • Stapleton
  • Stubbs Walden
  • West Haddlesey
  • Whitley
  • Womersley

Get in touch if you're from any of these villages and have any ideas about when and where we could run a local event in your community.