Recent Examples

We got into doing this work through a North Yorkshire County Council Winter Health grant.

We have found in the past that one of the hardest things about tackling fuel poverty is reaching the people who most need the support.

Through this project we have produced maps on fuel poverty and factors influencing the vulnerability of residents to cold homes for North Yorkshire County Council. Data has primarily been mapped at the Lower Level Super Output Area (LSOA) level which typically cover 650 households and is the smallest level for which detailed statistics are available. Examples of some of the data that has been mapped are:

  • Fuel poor households
  • Areas of multiple deprivation
  • Households off mains gas
  • Energy efficiency ratings of properties
  • Numbers of people with a long-term health condition or disability
  • Excess Winter Deaths

Click here for the full range of maps.

The maps are interactive meaning that users can filter different factors according to areas of interest and could be designed to combined factors that you are most interested in An example of the fuel poverty data mapping is shown below. You can see two different types of visualisations, one a map showing the % of households in fuel poverty in LSOA areas. This can be filtered by local authority area or to explore areas with high or low levels of fuel poverty. The other visualisation is a graph showing how fuel poverty has changed over a 4-year period.