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We are so pleased to annouce a brand new project in the Selby District that will help to tackle fuel poverty in rural parts of the District. This is thanks to funding from the Ebico Trust - thank you!
In a new area-based approach we will be targeting certain areas based on our new innovative and interactive data maps. See an example of one of these maps here

There are 3,213 households in the Selby District in fuel poverty and 70% live in rural areas. We also know that 23.2% of homes are not connected to mains gas so rely upon more expensive heating fuels such as electric, LPG or solid fuel (this is compared to 8.7% in England as a whole).
We will use our maps to identify areas and villages which not only have the highest levels of fuel poverty but which also have high numbers of households off mains gas and high numbers of vulnerable residents.
Within these areas we will be supporting residents by tackling all three elements that influence the likelihood that someone is in fuel poverty - helping to reduce energy prices, to maximise household income (working with the Citizen's Advice) and to improve energy efficiency (working with YES Energy Solutions). Community First Yorkshire will be able to give advice and support to any community who wants to look at setting up an oil bulk buying scheme.
We will also be accepting referrals from any frontline organisation to carry out home energy visits to rural households who are in, or at risk of, fuel poverty.
The project will be running for 18 months and please get in touch for more information.