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Thanks to funding from the Tadcaster and Villages Community Engagement Forum, 16 local residents and representatives of community groups have now completed training as Community Energy Ambassadors!

Tadcaster Library, the Town Council, Tadcrafters, Selby & District Disability Action Group, Tadcaster & Rural CIC, WEA and the Kelcbar Centre were all represented, offering a great opportunity to cacsade information amongst local communities. The course covered issues around debunking myths around energy use, understanding how much appliances cost to run, heating types and fuel poverty in the Selby District, understanding energy bills, switching energy supplier, renewable energy technologies, and schemes available to help residents with their energy bills and heating.

Feedback collated from the attendees showed that:

  • Knowledge around energy increased from 2.3/5 before the course to 4.7/5 after the course
  • Course content was rated at 4.9/5 and 100% of attendees would recommend the course to others
  • Nearly 80% of attendees had already spoken to friends, family members or colleagues about some of the topics we covered throughout the period of the course. On average they had shared information with 4 other people, thus reaching an extra 50 people through the project

During the session on energy bills and switching, attendees brought in their own energy bills and we reviewed their tariffs. Actual savings were generated of £2,209 just from people on the course switching their own energy supplier or tariff. This was a vital part of the course as, by going through the process themselves, attendees are much better equipped to then talk to others, to be able to share their own experience, and to allay any fears.

We loved some of the feedback comments received:

A very informative course made a potentially boring subject fun”

“Absolutely faultless and fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so highly informative and also I have saved over £200 a year which is excellent”

“I thought I was already quite energy savvy but I learnt quite a few new things!

“Surprised at how much fun this was. Thoroughly enjoyed, managed to save money, will recommend”

“I was shocked to say the least when I discovered that my fuel provider was offering a considerable discount to ‘online’ customers opposed to myself who doesn’t own a computer. As a pensioner I felt this was an element of discrimination. I passed on these comments to my fuel provider at the time”

“Thank you both for an excellent course