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We are very pleased to be one of over 20 charities and organisations that have come together across North Yorkshire this winter to bring warmth to cold homes and tackle rising rates of fuel poverty.

'Warm and Well in North Yorkshire’ was awarded £394,000 in October by the British Gas Energy Trust, and is being managed by Rural Action Yorkshire. The project will focus on winter health, energy efficiency, cold homes and emergency support. It will support those most at risk from falling temperatures, including those on benefits or low incomes, older people or people with long term health conditions, and families with young children. It will also support people who live in rural areas where houses are often off the mains gas grid, rely on expensive forms of fuel to heat their homes, are poorly-insulated and even cut off when bad weather strikes.

We will be delivering free training sessions for frontline staff across North Yorkshire on fuel poverty and ways of helping vulnerable residents keep warm over the winter. This includes recognising the signs of fuel poverty and knowing the impacts, accessing schemes such as the Warm Home Discount and Energy Trust Funds, understanding energy bills, changing to a cheaper energy supplier, schemes for insulation and boilers, and general ways residents can minimise their energy costs whilst keeping warm. Get in touch with Kate at if you would like to organise a free awareness session for your team.

Help is also available direct to residents - we can do one-to-one home visits in the Selby District to households who may be struggling to heat their homes. Contact Kate for more information.

Similar support is also available from other organisations across the rest of North Yorkshire - get in touch with Rural Action Yorkshire for more information on what is going on in your area - 0845 313 0270.