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So far this winter we have helped over 160 households apply for the Warm Home Discount, giving households a much needed £140 grant towards their winter energy bills. We have run sign-up sessions in Bradford, outreach events in Selby and home energy visits in both areas. This has brought in a total of £22,400 to households in, or at risk of, fuel poverty.

The Warm Home Discount is a government scheme through which energy suppliers give eligible households £140 between October to March to help with their energy costs.


Who is eligible?

There are two groups.

1) The Core Group - this is for residents in receipt of the Guarantee element of Pension Credit. These householders get the payment automatically.

2) The Broader Group - this includes households in receipt of a certain combination of means-tested benefits. You may also be eligible if your household annual income is less than £16,010 and if there is a child aged under 5, a resident with a disability or someone elderly at the property. The exact criteria vary according to the energy supplier.

How to apply?

If you fall in the Broader Group you have to apply to your electricity supplier, either by phoning or online. You will need to check the eligibility for your own supplier and you will need your electricity account number.

How is the payment made?

For customers with credit meters for gas and electricity (i.e. you pay when you get a bill or by monthly direct debit), the £140 will appear as a credit on your electricity bill.

For customers with prepayment meters, you will be sent post office vouchers or a bar-coded letter – you can then take this to the post office and the £140 will be credited to your electricity card or key.

Extra information:

  • Many of the schemes will close on 31st January so get in quick. Others close when they reach a certain number of applications which could be any time.
  • The E.ON scheme closed in November but you can register your interest now for 2015/16 
  • Some of the smaller companies are not part of the scheme, e.g. Utilita, Spark Energy, Ovo, ExtraEnergy
  • The scheme will run again in 2015/16 so apply again.