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It's unprecendented times in the world of energy. Here are some answers to questions you may have around what to do with your energy bills at the current time.


I'm on a fixed price deal, what should I do?

It is recommended that you see this out as the current energy prices will be much higher than the ones you are on. You do need to be prepared though for a significant price rise when your fixed deal ends.


Is it worth switching supplier at the current time?

No, for the first time since we set up 7 years ago it is not worth switching energy supplier. The cheapest prices available are the variable rates that are set at the price cap level and these are the same across all energy suppliers.


Will prices go up again?

The price cap that came in on 1st October 2021 will last for 6 months so prices (on the standard variable tariffs) cannot go up in this time. However, the level of the price cap will then be re-assessed again. It is based on wholesale energy prices and, as they have continued to rise in the last few months, we expect prices to rise again from 1st April 2022 (when the next price cap rates will be implemented). Some analysts have suggested that this could be by as much as £400 which would see the price cap rise from £1277 per year to nearly £1700.


Should I look for a new fixed price deal or stay on variable rates?

Any fixed price deal currently available will be much higher than the variable rates that are subject to the price cap. Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, shared these price comparisons on 07/10/21:

  •    Energy price cap: £1,277 /year
  •    Cheapest fixed deal: £1,700/year

 As such, if you do want a fixed price tariff for longer term certainty you will pay a premium for it. You would be protected from future price rises expected in April 2022, but you will be paying higher rates during the forthcoming winter period.


What should I do if my energy supplier goes bust?

We have a handy video that explains what to do if your supplier goes bust: 

In summary though:

  • Don't panic, you will not lose your supply of gas and/or electricity and any credit will be protected
  • Take meter readings and, if possible, photos of the readings
  • If you have an online account, download a recent bill and screenshot any credit balance
  • Wait to be transferred to a new supplier allocated by Ofgem - you cannot choose this company


Who will supply my energy if my supplier has gone bust?

Ofgem have allocated new suppliers to take over all customers of the energy suppliers that have gone bust. Since September, these are:

Old supplier New supplier
Avro Energy Octopus Energy      
People's Energy       British Gas
Utility Point EDF Energy
Green Shell Energy
Igloo Energy E.ON Next
Symbio Energy E.ON Next
Enstroga E.ON Next
PFP Energy British Gas
Pure Planet Shell Energy
Colorado Energy Shell Energy
Daligas Shell Energy
Goto Energy Shell Energy
Bluegreen Energy British Gas
Zebra Power British Gas
Omni Energy Utilita


Will more suppliers go bust?

15 companies have gone bust in the last couple of months and it is expected that more will follow. There were 50 energy suppliers at the start of the year and some analysts have suggested there may only be 10 left by the end of the year. 


Should I switch away from a smaller company in case they go bust?

There is a mechanism in place to protect customers if your supplier goes bust. If you are on a fixed rate with a smaller supplier then it would be worth making the most of those prices (as they are likely to be cheaper than anything else you can get at the moment). If the company goes under you will be transferred to another supplier and, in all likelihood, you will be paying much higher variable rates set at the price cap level.

We do however recommend that you:

  • Submit regular meter readings to keep your account up-to-date
  • Screenshot any credit and download bills from your online account so you have them to hand if the company does go bust and their website goes down 


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