Project Details

We are now in our fourth year of training staff and volunteers from voluntary and public sector organisations as Community Energy Ambassadors.


Northern Gas Networks

Area covered

West/North/East Yorkshire, the Northeast and parts of Cumbria

Start date

April 2020

End date

March 2026

Project Summary

We want to support vulnerable residents by using trusted organisations and networks within communities to cascade information and to enable local action. Our training courses equips individuals from organisations and community groups with knowledge and skills to be able to support others.

Project update

We have now run 51 training courses, with nearly 600 members of our network of Community Energy Ambassadors. Wherever possible we continue to work with organisations after the course has finished, providing regular updates on an ever-changing world of energy, information on support schemes and offering talks to client groups. In 2023, 10 organisations got involved with Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, providing potentially life-saving information on the 'Silent Killer'.

In Autumn 2023, 85 Energy Ambassadors attended 2 update events, feeding back that, since the course:

1) 85% of organisations now provide more energy advice than before coming on our course
2) 98% have passed on energy information to others
3) 96% feel more confident advising others on energy issues

About the courses

The courses run on Zoom over 3 weeks (1.5 hours per week). We cover:
- Week 1: Fuel poverty, energy prices, understanding energy bills, managing energy debt
- Week 2: Understanding energy use, energy saving tips, energy efficiency, staying safe from carbon monoxide
- Week 3: Schemes to help with energy costs

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