Project Details

We are working with those working in health and social care settings to reach patients with physical and mental health conditions.


Northern Gas Networks

Geographical area

North/East/West Yorkshire

Start date

April 2021

End date

April 2024

Project Summary

There are schemes and support available to tackle all three factors that influence the propensity that a household is fuel poor - low income, high energy prices and/or poor levels of energy efficiency. However, one of the hardest things about tackling fuel poverty is identifying those households most at risk from cold homes and encouraging them to access this support. Health professionals are well-placed to do this as they:

1) are trusted by their patients
2) often conduct home visits where potential issues around cold homes and vulnerability can be more easily identified
3) can identify first-hand any health issues that could be being caused, or exacerbated, by cold homes
4) may be the only support service that some vulnerable households are known to
5) have a vested interest in the potential health benefits of ameliorating fuel poverty and associated issues.

Through this project we can provide training for health and social care professionals, 1-2-1 advice to households where someone has a mental or physical health condition or disability and talks to health-related support groups in the community.

Project update

Staff training

We have provided training to 564 individuals working in a health or social care setting, including health visitors, occupational therapists, social prescribers, care coordinators, care workers, community link workers, Living Well coordinators, social workers and respiratory nurses. If you would like us to run a standalone session for your team (minimum 8 people) then please get in touch.

Working with GPs

In March 2022 we started a project with the 4 GP surgeries that are part of the Selby Primary Care Network. The surgeries sent letters out to patients who had illnesses that would be made worse by cold homes and the energy crisis (COPD, heart failure, dementia and severe mental illness). Patients were invited to a complete a Warm and Well enquiry form to request follow-up advice. So far we have received over 300 forms returned and we have provided advice around energy bills, heating, insulation grants, the Priority Services Register, carbon monoxide and benefits entitlements.