Project Details

Advice and support for 16-25 year olds on energy.


Northern Gas Networks

Area covered

North, East and West Yorkshire

Start date

May 2021

End date

August 2023

Project Summary

According to the government's latest fuel poverty figures, 25% of households where the oldest person is 25 or under are in fuel poverty - this is more than any other age group. We also know that young people are more likely to be living in private rented accomodation with poorer energy efficiency standards. Energy and managing energy bills are not taught in schools so our project aims to engage young people on important topics such as energy and carbon monoxide.

Project update

Through this project we can offer:

1) 1-2-1 advice and support for anyone aged 16-25, tailored to your individual circumstances

2) Staff training on fuel poverty and energy awareness for organisations who support young people (e.g. Leaving Care teams, Family Support Workers, youth organisations)

3) Talks, workshops, quizzes to directly engage on energy issues and carbon monoxide awareness

4) Resources such as a moving-in checklist that can be used when moving home or starting a new tenancy, just to make sure that all utility bills are set-up correctly right from the start.

Please get in touch to discuss further:

How can you access this project?

Do you work with young people?

Contact us to discus training opportunities - we can organise free online sessions for staff or volunteers who support 18-25 year olds. We can also run workshops, quizzes or other interactive activities to engage and educate young people on energy saving in the home, how much appliances cost to run, how to manage energy bills etc. You can also make a referral for 1-2-1 advice for a young person on anything to do with energy bills or heating their home for a young person. Click below:

Are you aged 18-25 years old?

If you would like some advice on managing your energy bills or tips on cutting costs then you can contact us by Whatsapp (07738 818391), via Facebook (@yorkshireenergydoctorcic), email ( or by clicking on the link below.